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2000 B.A.S.S.
Lake Powell, Page, AZ
55th place

2004 B.A.S.S.
Delta Open
6 lb 15 oz
28th place

Michael Mukai's first Bass - April 3, 2002
Hensley Lake - Madera CA

Michael 9 vs Dad 8

Dad, when can I drive the car?

Curtis Sporbert's Lake Trout - 45" x 23"
Great Slave Lake

Curtis Sporbert's Whoppin' 8 lb. Walleye - 30" x 15"
Standley Lake, Westminster, Colorado

Maureen Edwards (Curt's fishin' buddy) beams over her catch of a 34" Pike
Stagecoach Reservoir, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Mary Goldberg's awesome catch!!!

Ron Mukai's Dad holding a 6 lb 8 oz largemouth

Tim from Seneca, SC
caught this 65lb catfish

Michael's first bass caught drop-shotting.
Hensley Lake - Madera, CA

OH!!! Me no speaka Engrish

HA! HA! I fooled you
Oh, Dad, by the way,
I caught more than
you again!

Come on in the waters just fine

Fran with a 6lb

Mark Hoffeditz's
10.03 lb largemouth
caught on the California Delta on a
DC-8 Timber Tiger

Here fishy, fishy!!!!

Robert and Donald
Leitao with 4 stripers
caught during an awesome
day of fishing.
Their secret
Ron Arra surf rods!!

Rex Yanguas with
stripers caught on
a Ron Arra 1322 surf rod.

Ron Mukai with
a 9lb 3oz largemouth.

Rons first salmon
25 lbs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Leitao

Rex Yanguas

Mike Pickering with
9.11 lb Delta bass